Restaurant Food Replicas

Posted by thpadmin 11/12/2015 3 Comment(s)

To give customers an accurate representation of a dish served at a restaurant, often a sample of the dish will be out on display to encourage a customer to order. However, doing this everyday can waste a lot of food, or even turn a customer off once it has been sitting out for hours. Fake food not only saves food from being wasted, but keeps it looking pristine. Have a look at some custom orders we have made to replicate specific restaurant dishes.




3 Comment(s)

Dennine Gardenhire:
19/03/2016, 03:58:31 AM, N/A

Superb and Endelible!

Dorothy Willse:
08/04/2017, 04:05:53 PM

Beautiful stuff

R L:
22/08/2017, 01:51:37 AM


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